Life’s is a lot like a game of jenga. Either that one piece is the piece that will make my world tumble over or should I live only on a few blocks.


I wonder

What if I never got out the military?

What if I never joined the military?

What if I never met her?

What if what if what if what if what if what if what if what if what if????

Still sick

Well things have gotten worse the past week. Ugly things are rearing their heads but there’s not much I can do but ignore them.

It’s a tough situation but I know I’m gonna be ok because I know it could be worse. I know someone else would love to be in my situation. I know that for a fact. 

So I let whatever it is weigh me down till I emotionally free myself from that weight. I am not choosing to be happy nor sad, I am choosing to be alive and that is enough for me to be grateful for. 

It is a blessing to know I am still here and taking every turn in stride. I’m humbled by my experiences. 


Does Friday really matter? I used to think thank god it’s Friday and emphasized being thankful for one day of the week when I naturally could be thankful for being alive all week.

Bunch of great things are happening daily and many more reasons to celebrate life. Yes life is tough and can be arduous but there’s always a bright side. 

Regardless of how worse things may seem to myself, I’m blogging!!! And in order for me to blog many of great things have to come in place.
So think of ways to make the thanks for everyday. Write a blog! Write a book! Draw a picture! Paint a painting! Start a project! You name it, you can do it!

Where am I today?

Well to make a very long story short. I’m not where I want to be but I’m also in a better place.

I’ve lost it all before… my fiancĂ©… my daughter… my job… my self being or who I thought I was supposed to be.

But after through it all to this exact today and this very moment, I cannot complain. I am who I am today because of my own path. I began learning about stoicism and the power of self. 

I distanced myself from from all my family and friends because through it all they were just telling me who I should be rather help me understand who I was or wanted to be. So if anyone comes across this blog I hope we can share stories of sorrow and triumph.

Let’s learn together and grow together because the only way to understand is to go through it together with those who do understand. Friend, enemy or family. It doesn’t matter.

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Fresh start

I’ve been contemplating on how to live my life for the longest time. With the roller coaster we call life, I’ve become accustomed to taking the lows with the lows, the highs with the highs and sometime a little bit of both.

So I’m writing this today just begin anew. A new chapter in life. A new energy. A new day for those who are like me or know someone like me.

I am a disabled vet of the second Iraq war and served for over 10 years of active service. I was a part of the initial push of invading Iraq and that is something I hold dear to my self. 

I hope you find this blog as inspiration to those who need it or to compare to your own trials and successes. Please enjoy and share this journey with me.